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  • Brown University offers 254 degree programs through Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate programs.

    Offered Degrees
    CertificateASBS MasterDoctorate Post-Graduate
    Offered Degree
    Online Program
  • Brown University is ranked in the best colleges in several major programs including Development Economics and Applied Mathematics.

    Best Programs
    Best Programs at Brown University
    Development Economics
    Applied Mathematics
  • At Brown University the Computer Science is the most popular program where 131 students have completed their degree/programs last year. The second popular program is the Applied Mathematics with 123 completers.

    Popular Programs
    ProgramNumber of Completers
    Computer Science131
    Applied Mathematics123
    Biology/Biological Sciences97
  • At Brown University, total 2,525 students complete their degree in 2018. By degree, 1,561 students earned Bachelor's degree, 633 students earned Master's degree, and 331 students earned Doctorate degree.

    Completers by Degree
    CertificateASBS MasterDoctorate Post-Graduate
    Total--1,561 633331-
    Men--756 309169-
    Women--805 324162-

Major Programs by Degrees

Brown University provides a variety of major programs through Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate degree programs. By degree type, there are 90 bachelor's programs and 75 master's programs. In addition, 89 programs are provided for doctorate degrees. Next table summarizes the number of programs for each degree type.

CertificateAssociate'sBachelor's Master'sDoctorate Post-Graduate
Online Programs--- ---
Overall Programs--90 7589-

Best Major Programs

Brown University has been ranked in the best colleges in several study areas announced by well-known organization such as U.S. News Education, Forbes, and Times Higher Education. Next table lists the best programs at Brown University.

Development Economics
Applied Mathematics

Popular Major Programs

Next table summarizes popular programs at Brown University by degree type with number of degree completers in 2018.

Program NameCompleters
Computer Science131
Applied Mathematics123
Biology/Biological Sciences97
Econometrics and Quantitative Economics97
Program NameCompleters
Program NameCompleters

All Major Programs By Degree

Brown University provides 254 programs. Next tables shows each major program that Brown University provides and its sub-study areas by offered degrees and online degree availabilities.

Legend: - program not offered, - online degree available

Natural Resources And Conservation
Communication and Journalism
Computer And Information Sciences
English Language And Literature
Mathematics And Statistics
Philosophy And Religious Studies
Human Services

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