Community Colleges in Arizona

For the academic year 2019-2020, 21 community colleges are active in Arizona. Arizona State University-Tempe has ranked first in Arizona community college ranking and University of Arizona and Arizona State University-West ranked second and third in the ranking. You can view more ranked community college ranking at Arizona community college ranking page.
  • The 2020 average tuition & fees of community colleges in Arizona is $2,186 for Arizona residents and $7,545 for out-of-state students.
  • Total 178,838 students have enrolled in community colleges in Arizona and, of that, 30,990 students enrolled online exclusively.
  • The average students to faculty ratio of Arizona community colleges is 19.40 to 1.
  • The average financial aid amount received at community colleges in Arizona is $3,658.
  • The average graduation rate is 20.70% and the average transfer-out rate is 25.37% at community colleges in Arizona.

21 Community Colleges in Arizona Comparison Table

College NameArizona Residents Tuition & FeesOut-of-State Tuition & FeesStudent PopulationOnline Student PopulationGraduation RateTransfer-out RateFinancial Aid AmountStudents to Faculty Ratio
Arizona Western College
Yuma, AZ
$2,112$7,7047,4341,37925%9%$4,54418 to 1
Central Arizona College
Coolidge, AZ
$2,580$5,1605,0441,07119%23%$4,26917 to 1
Cochise County Community College District
Sierra Vista, AZ
$2,184$6,2403,67097625%23%$4,72116 to 1
Eastern Arizona College
Thatcher, AZ
$2,700$9,1206,04024140%18%$4,88217 to 1
Glendale Community College
Glendale, AZ
$2,070$7,85417,9421,32117%27%$3,48422 to 1
Maricopa Community College System Office
Tempe, AZ
GateWay Community College
Phoenix, AZ
$2,070$7,8545,08135021%34%$3,18715 to 1
Mesa Community College
Mesa, AZ
$2,070$7,85420,3872,90318%24%$3,39022 to 1
Mohave Community College
Kingman, AZ
$2,112$6,9724,07194816%21%$3,75313 to 1
Northland Pioneer College
Holbrook, AZ
$2,428$9,8513,18297418%11%$1,60615 to 1
Phoenix College
Phoenix, AZ
$2,070$7,85410,9591,58416%27%$3,48319 to 1
Pima Community College
Tucson, AZ
$2,250$7,56619,5943,03521%19%$4,16019 to 1
Rio Salado College
Tempe, AZ
$2,070$7,85418,30410,1467%28%$2,47931 to 1
Scottsdale Community College
Scottsdale, AZ
$2,070$7,8548,74496019%35%$3,33719 to 1
South Mountain Community College
Phoenix, AZ
$2,070$7,8544,07533123%29%$3,24319 to 1
Yavapai College
Prescott, AZ
$2,600$9,3327,3141,53930%19%$5,43418 to 1
Paradise Valley Community College
Phoenix, AZ
$2,070$7,8548,11578824%35%$3,30020 to 1
Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Chandler, AZ
$2,070$7,85414,72890423%34%$3,25129 to 1
Estrella Mountain Community College
Avondale, AZ
$2,070$7,8549,9761,09020%28%$3,41625 to 1
Coconino Community College
Flagstaff, AZ
$3,119$9,4923,71945015%38%$3,13825 to 1
Tohono O'Odham Community College
Sells, AZ
$932$932459-17%-$4,0779 to 1
Average$2,186$7,545178,83830,99021%25%$3,65819 to 1