Best Top Art, Music, & Design Schools

RankCollege NameTuition & FeesPopulationGraduation RateFinancial AidStudent to Faculty Ratio
1Louisiana Culinary Institute
Baton Rouge, LA
$14,57511464%73%16 to 1
1Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science Inc
Pittsburgh, PA
$25,61019170%84%17 to 1
1The Colburn Conservatory of Music
Los Angeles, CA
$50,741120--5 to 1
2Curtis Institute of Music
Philadelphia, PA
$5,01514585%100%2 to 1
3The Juilliard School
New York, NY
$51,23096194%76%5 to 1
4Rhode Island School of Design
Providence, RI
$56,2902,22789%35%9 to 1
6University of North Carolina School of the Arts
Winston Salem, NC
$26,1751,07072%63%6 to 1
7San Francisco Conservatory of Music
San Francisco, CA
$50,80041069%100%3 to 1
8Pratt Institute-Main
Brooklyn, NY
$55,5904,35371%75%9 to 1
9California Jazz Conservatory
Berkeley, CA
$21,90035-55%5 to 1
10College for Creative Studies
Detroit, MI
$47,5851,51255%94%10 to 1
12Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Minneapolis, MN
$41,79476063%97%9 to 1
13Manhattan School of Music
New York, NY
$50,84093974%85%5 to 1
14Los Angeles College of Music
Pasadena, CA
$25,65024954%55%5 to 1
15The New England Conservatory of Music
Boston, MA
$53,73070171%93%4 to 1
16Savannah College of Art and Design
Savannah, GA
$38,84014,26573%92%18 to 1
17California Institute of the Arts
Valencia, CA
$53,4661,16666%94%5 to 1
18Beverly Hills Design Institute
Beverly Hills, CA
$23,22014-50%5 to 1
19KD Conservatory College of Film and Dramatic Arts
Dallas, TX
$16,8837168%51%7 to 1
20Design Institute of San Diego
San Diego, CA
$25,61313033%79%9 to 1
21Maryland Institute College of Art
Baltimore, MD
$52,0401,89273%96%8 to 1
22American Musical and Dramatic Academy
New York, NY
$42,9601,39971%98%5 to 1
23Berklee College of Music
Boston, MA
$46,8006,63165%51%9 to 1
26Gemini School of Visual Arts & Communication
Austin, TX
$88,0007100%43%2 to 1
27School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, IL
$53,1603,13268%89%8 to 1
28Art Center College of Design
Pasadena, CA
$48,0442,18271%76%8 to 1
29Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Boston, MA
$39,8001,89474%82%9 to 1
30Visible Music College
Memphis, TN
$20,00020911%65%6 to 1
31Cleveland Institute of Art
Cleveland, OH
$45,49559964%99%9 to 1
32Otis College of Art and Design
Los Angeles, CA
$50,9501,07373%88%7 to 1
33Compass College of Cinematic Arts
Grand Rapids, MI
$17,2807278%70%9 to 1
34Laguna College of Art and Design
Laguna Beach, CA
$33,60078267%98%12 to 1
35Art Academy of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH
$35,29023548%98%9 to 1
36Ringling College of Art and Design
Sarasota, FL
$51,1701,62478%94%12 to 1
37Delaware College of Art and Design
Wilmington, DE
$25,77010744%85%10 to 1
38New York School of Interior Design
New York, NY
$27,20062162%24%11 to 1
39John A Gupton College
Nashville, TN
$11,58316710%48%16 to 1
40Cleveland Institute of Music
Cleveland, OH
$42,11638171%99%6 to 1
41American Academy of Dramatic Arts-Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
$37,23010672%99%8 to 1
42The Art Institute of Cincinnati-AIC College of Design
Cincinnati, OH
$15,67417-85%6 to 1
43The University of the Arts
Philadelphia, PA
$48,5301,53057%98%9 to 1
44School of Visual Arts
New York, NY
$45,0003,69272%51%6 to 1
45FIDM-Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising-Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
$32,6451,88672%53%21 to 1
46Musicians Institute
Hollywood, CA
$24,79571450%38%4 to 1
47Columbus College of Art and Design
Columbus, OH
$37,3701,00961%98%10 to 1
49Nossi College of Art
Nashville, TN
$19,15028971%69%8 to 1
50FIDM-Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising-San Francisco
San Francisco, CA
$32,64511371%61%11 to 1
51Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design
Milwaukee, WI
$39,56092551%100%11 to 1
52Moore College of Art and Design
Philadelphia, PA
$46,15038955%97%7 to 1
53Columbia College Hollywood
Tarzana, CA
$26,17576058%78%12 to 1
54Cornish College of the Arts
Seattle, WA
$35,48648252%98%8 to 1
55Newschool of Architecture and Design
San Diego, CA
$29,42745540%71%8 to 1
56Pennsylvania College of Art and Design
Lancaster, PA
$28,45024251%98%8 to 1
59Theatre of Arts
Hollywood, CA
$20,81122100%53%3 to 1
60New Hampshire Institute of Art
Manchester, NH
$28,080337-100%8 to 1
62Southern California Institute of Architecture
Los Angeles, CA
$49,01648176%30%15 to 1
64California College of the Arts
San Francisco, CA
$52,3121,61267%73%8 to 1
65American Academy of Dramatic Arts-New York
New York, NY
$37,230159100%100%8 to 1
66Boston Architectural College
Boston, MA
$22,14474233%35%5 to 1
67Watkins College of Art Design & Film
Nashville, TN
$24,75019342%92%7 to 1
68Kansas City Art Institute
Kansas City, MO
$40,57569857%100%9 to 1
69The Modern College of Design
Kettering, OH
$31,00719053%62%17 to 1
70New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts
New York, NY
$35,35025775%100%16 to 1
72Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Philadelphia, PA
$40,37618862%100%5 to 1
73Pacific Northwest College of Art
Portland, OR
$42,76856942%99%11 to 1
75San Francisco Art Institute
San Francisco, CA
$46,0644139%100%3 to 1
77Paier College of Art Inc
Bridgeport, CT
$23,76012862%64%7 to 1
82Maine College of Art
Portland, ME
$38,69043552%100%8 to 1
84Interior Designers Institute
Newport Beach, CA
$20,25014450%31%11 to 1
86Helms College
Macon, GA
$13,46028074%91%14 to 1
90Hussian College-Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA
$22,22510191%95%16 to 1
92Culinary Institute Inc
Houston, TX
$17,38138267%57%8 to 1
93Montserrat College of Art
Beverly, MA
$36,45036264%100%12 to 1
94Jna Institute of Culinary Arts
Philadelphia, PA
$14,5751477%76%4 to 1
95Los Angeles Film School
Hollywood, CA
$32,5005,66951%57%37 to 1
96Cranbrook Academy of Art
Bloomfield Hills, MI
97American Conservatory Theater
San Francisco, CA
$30,80030-11%6 to 1
98Cortiva Institute-Pompano
Pompano Beach, FL
$10,8217667%66%15 to 1
99SAE Expression College
Emeryville, CA
$23,59918244%42%15 to 1
100Longy School of Music of Bard College
Cambridge, MA
$48,80020255%92%3 to 1
101Douglas Education Center
Monessen, PA
$17,95020776%79%14 to 1
103New York Film Academy
Burbank, CA
$34,0901,27156%78%9 to 1
104Seattle Film Institute
Seattle, WA
$30,2409675%43%7 to 1
105Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service
Houston, TX
$13,36325647%39%40 to 1
117Institute of Production and Recording
Minneapolis, MN
$19,84513365%57%10 to 1
119Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts-Austin
Austin, TX
$31,77361059%84%23 to 1
121Miami International University of Art & Design-Art Institute Dallas
Dallas, TX
$19,35449315%83%17 to 1
126Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design
Lakewood, CO
$21,6151,64339%73%10 to 1
127AI Miami International University of Art and Design
Miami, FL
$19,35493425%83%17 to 1
134Gupton Jones College of Funeral Service
Decatur, GA
$12,74026697%70%25 to 1
135The Art Institute of Houston
Houston, TX
$19,35451130%73%25 to 1
136Dallas Institute of Funeral Service
Dallas, TX
$13,31536484%44%24 to 1
140Delta College of Arts & Technology
Baton Rouge, LA
$29,10028761%93%14 to 1
152The Art Institute of Austin
Bastrop, TX
$19,35423625%85%23 to 1
155The Art Institute of Las Vegas
Henderson, NV
$17,316592-84%15 to 1
156The Art Institute of Atlanta
Atlanta, GA
$19,35481417%92%41 to 1
157American Film Institute Conservatory
Los Angeles, CA
160International College of Broadcasting
Dayton, OH
$11,9306045%83%9 to 1
162Sotheby's Institute of Art-NY
New York, NY
163American Academy of Art
Chicago, IL
$35,27016958%96%7 to 1
164Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre
Blue Lake, CA
$15,4005100%89%4 to 1
165Platt College-San Diego
San Diego, CA
$16,3789663%43%12 to 1
166Christie's Education
New York, NY
167FINE Mortuary College
Norwood, MA
$20,520100100%45%7 to 1
168Columbia College
Centreville, VA
$9,94018567%74%15 to 1
169Worsham College of Mortuary Science
Wheeling, IL
$23,650171-42%16 to 1
170New York Academy of Art
New York, NY
171Conway School of Landscape Design
Northampton, MA
172Sessions College for Professional Design
Tempe, AZ
$12,44019750%56%17 to 1
173Northwest College of Art & Design
Tacoma, WA
$18,10010140%75%23 to 1
175American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service
New York, NY
$18,29246315%64%22 to 1
177The School of Architecture
Paradise Valley, AZ
178Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art
Van Nuys, CA
$31,618567%100%5 to 1
Average$34,04691062%76%9 to 1