Community Colleges in Michigan

For the academic year 2019-2020, 24 community colleges are active in Michigan. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor has ranked first in Michigan community college ranking and Hillsdale College and Michigan State University ranked second and third in the ranking. You can view more ranked community college ranking at Michigan community college ranking page.
  • The 2020 average tuition & fees of community colleges in Michigan is $6,249 for Michigan residents and $8,085 for out-of-state students.
  • Total 143,874 students have enrolled in community colleges in Michigan and, of that, 16,143 students enrolled online exclusively.
  • The average students to faculty ratio of Michigan community colleges is 16.42 to 1.
  • The average financial aid amount received at community colleges in Michigan is $4,461.
  • The average graduation rate is 20.87% and the average transfer-out rate is 23.39% at community colleges in Michigan.

24 Community Colleges in Michigan Comparison Table

College NameMichigan Residents Tuition & FeesOut-of-State Tuition & FeesStudent PopulationOnline Student PopulationGraduation RateTransfer-out RateFinancial Aid AmountStudents to Faculty Ratio
Bay de Noc Community College
Escanaba, MI
$8,648$10,1881,93543733%17%$4,63616 to 1
Mott Community College
Flint, MI
$5,149$7,0217,71552115%19%$6,92318 to 1
Delta College
University Center, MI
$6,680$11,9008,08085415%25%$4,66315 to 1
Glen Oaks Community College
Centreville, MI
$5,328$6,1921,2017126%32%$4,34622 to 1
Gogebic Community College
Ironwood, MI
$6,808$7,70799614230%26%$4,82912 to 1
Grand Rapids Community College
Grand Rapids, MI
$7,869$11,58913,7881,28219%25%$3,78620 to 1
Kalamazoo Valley Community College
Kalamazoo, MI
$6,100$8,1708,06929720%20%$3,96316 to 1
Kellogg Community College
Battle Creek, MI
$6,967$9,5794,24578321%14%$6,65514 to 1
Kirtland Community College
Grayling, MI
$6,090$8,4301,48950217%17%$4,33015 to 1
Lansing Community College
Lansing, MI
$7,160$10,49011,7712,09918%29%$4,03111 to 1
Macomb Community College
Warren, MI
$5,975$7,53520,2202,59612%25%$4,08725 to 1
Mid Michigan College
Harrison, MI
$7,584$7,5843,80272315%22%$4,90525 to 1
Monroe County Community College
Monroe, MI
$5,524$6,1162,92025520%22%$3,47614 to 1
Montcalm Community College
Sidney, MI
$7,710$11,7901,66713239%12%$3,26214 to 1
Muskegon Community College
Muskegon, MI
$10,750$14,3904,07840619%28%$4,27919 to 1
North Central Michigan College
Petoskey, MI
$6,776$8,5682,32921825%27%$3,22616 to 1
Oakland Community College
Bloomfield Hills, MI
$4,712$4,71215,41139013%38%$5,23621 to 1
St Clair County Community College
Port Huron, MI
$8,845$12,3853,54149321%23%$4,99018 to 1
Southwestern Michigan College
Dowagiac, MI
$6,773$7,2312,130-29%27%$4,72915 to 1
Washtenaw Community College
Ann Arbor, MI
$4,176$5,68812,2642,04920%21%$4,35818 to 1
Wayne County Community College District
Detroit, MI
$3,263$3,99814,9571,75411%27%$3,77225 to 1
West Shore Community College
Scottville, MI
$4,480$6,1601,04213932%32%$3,37113 to 1
Saginaw Chippewa Tribal College
Mount Pleasant, MI
$2,210$2,210140-10%10%$4,0596 to 1
Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Community College
Baraga, MI
$4,400$4,40084---$5,1456 to 1
Average$6,249$8,085143,87416,14321%23%$4,46116 to 1