Dewey University-Hato Rey

  • Private (not-for-profit)Less Than 2 YearsHato Rey, PRNondegree-granting, sub-baccalaureateAt least 1, but less than 2 academic yrs19 Students8:1 Student-Faculty Ratio
    Dewey University-Hato Rey is a Private (not-for-profit) (Less Than 2 Years) college located in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. It has a total enrollment of 19 and student to faculty ratio is 8:1. It is a Nondegree-granting, sub-baccalaureate school by Carnegie Classification and its highest degree is At least 1, but less than 2 academic yrs.
  • Total Students19
    Male Students10
    Female Students9
    Undergraduate Students19

    At Dewey University-Hato Rey, total 19 are attending classes. By gender, 10 male students are enrolled in the school (52.63%) and 9 female students are enrolled (47.37%).

    Student Population
  • Amounts
    Undergraduate Tuition & Fees$7,495
    Off-Campus Living Costs$5,132

    The tuition & fees at Dewey University-Hato Rey, for academic year 2017-2018 is $7,495.

    The living cost including room, board, and other expenses is $5,132 (living off campus).

    Cost of Attendance
  • Remedial Service

    Career Counseling

    Employment Service

    Placement Service


    Dewey University-Hato Rey provides various learning opportunities and services for their students.

    It includes Remedial Service, Career Counseling, Employment Service, Placement Service, Library and more.

    Explore campus life and get your opportunities at Dewey University-Hato Rey.

    Learning Opportunities & Services

The Numbers Say it All about Dewey University-Hato Rey

Key Stats for Dewey University-Hato Rey

Costs of Attendance very inexpensive

Dewey University-Hato Rey$7,495
All U.S. Colleges$18,355
Private (not-for-profit), Less Than 2 Years Colleges$11,831
Less Than 2 Years Colleges$12,859
Private (not-for-profit), Less Than 2 Years Colleges in Puerto Rico$8,123

Financial Helps high financial help rate


Financial Aid Rates

  • All U.S. Colleges76.94%
  • Private (not-for-profit), Less Than 2 Years Colleges71.82%
  • Less Than 2 Years Colleges73.07%
  • Private (not-for-profit), Less Than 2 Years Colleges in Puerto Rico99.00%

Student Population small

Dewey University-Hato Rey19
All U.S. Colleges20,523,036
Private (not-for-profit), Less Than 2 Years Colleges12,752
Less Than 2 Years Colleges275,903
Private (not-for-profit), Less Than 2 Years Colleges in Puerto Rico199

Dewey University-Hato Rey's Mission

John Dewey College is a higher education institution that creates and provides a learning environment suitable for intellectual and cultural development for our students bringing together technology, critical analysis, research, and communication skills.This, with the purpose to prepare our students to become integrated effectively into a highly competitive and changing society and instill in them the basis for their continuous personal, intellectual and professional development in a context of appreciation for knowledge and professional ethics.

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