Colleges with Most Online Programs

RankCollege NameIn-State Tuition & FeesOut-of-State Tuition & FeesStudent Population (Total)Online Student PopulationNumber of ProgramsNumber of Online ProgramsStudents to Faculty Ratio
1University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA
$54,259$61,50346,28737,923600759 to 1
2Columbia University in the City of New York
New York, NY
$51,640$63,53030,13525,843465186 to 1
3University of Maryland-College Park
College Park, MD
$10,955$38,63640,70923,231429317 to 1
4Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI
$14,750$40,56249,69540,9743831816 to 1
5University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Champaign, IL
$15,442$32,89252,67930,6283743320 to 1
6Wayne State University
Detroit, MI
$14,043$30,01326,24118,8833743215 to 1
7University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT
$18,524$41,19227,21514,2303683016 to 1
8Harvard University
Cambridge, MA
$48,949$55,58730,39127,933368-5 to 1
9Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD
$52,170$58,72028,89019,989355706 to 1
10University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
$53,534$61,71026,55217,08734846 to 1
Average$12,542$17,0557,607,4566,223,768641816 to 1