Trade Schools in Hawaii

For academic year 2019-2020, 4 trade schools are active in Hawaii. We online include less than 2 years colleges (both for-profit and not-for-profit schools) offering 1 year and/or 1-2 years certificate programs.
  • The 2020 average tuition & fees of trade schools in Hawaii is $35,515. The amount is the average over all vocational programs and it may vary by area of study and program length.
  • Total 183 students have enrolled in trade schools in Hawaii.
  • The average students to faculty ratio of Hawaii trade schools is 9.25 to 1.
  • The average financial aid amount received at trade schools in Hawaii is $5,979.
  • The average graduation rate is 76.00% in Hawaii trade schools.

4 Trade Schools in Hawaii Comparison Table

College NameTuition & FeesStudent PopulationOnline Student PopulationGraduation RateNumber of Programs OfferedFinancial Aid AmountStudents to Faculty Ratio
Hawaii Institute of Hair Design
Honolulu, HI
$13,23764-70%1$6,16819 to 1
Med-Assist School of Hawaii Inc
Honolulu, HI
$15,70039-67%--8 to 1
Travel Institute of the Pacific
Honolulu, HI
$14,37366-91%2$5,7908 to 1
Mauna Loa Helicopters
Kailua Kona, HI
$98,75014--1-2 to 1
Average$35,515183-76%-$5,9799 to 1