Trade Schools in Missouri

For academic year 2019-2020, 55 trade schools are active in Missouri. We online include less than 2 years colleges (both for-profit and not-for-profit schools) offering 1 year and/or 1-2 years certificate programs.
  • The 2020 average tuition & fees of trade schools in Missouri is $13,390. The amount is the average over all vocational programs and it may vary by area of study and program length.
  • Total 3,641 students have enrolled in trade schools in Missouri.
  • The average students to faculty ratio of Missouri trade schools is 11.22 to 1.
  • The average financial aid amount received at trade schools in Missouri is $5,617.
  • The average graduation rate is 70.00% in Missouri trade schools.

55 Trade Schools in Missouri Comparison Table

College NameTuition & FeesStudent PopulationOnline Student PopulationGraduation RateNumber of Programs OfferedFinancial Aid AmountStudents to Faculty Ratio
House of Heavilin Beauty College-Blue Springs
Blue Springs, MO
$18,925118-64%4$3,48725 to 1
Grand River Technical School
Chillicothe, MO
$6,50053-90%9$6,3933 to 1
Columbia Area Career Center
Columbia, MO
$12,06828--5$2,8316 to 1
Elaine Steven Beauty College
Saint Louis, MO
$15,450135-30%3$5,61316 to 1
Four Rivers Career Center
Washington, MO
$16,54523-100%1$8,0378 to 1
House of Heavilin Beauty College-Kansas City
Kansas City, MO
$18,92524-23%2$5,59625 to 1
Summit Salon Academy Kansas City
Independence, MO
$16,650103-63%3$5,24115 to 1
Paul Mitchell the School-Missouri Columbia
Columbia, MO
$15,00091-68%4$4,56312 to 1
Lake Career and Technical Center
Camdenton, MO
$4,50010-87%7$5,31310 to 1
Lex La-Ray Technical Center
Lexington, MO
$13,78230-80%10$5,0923 to 1
Merrell University of Beauty Arts and Science
Jefferson City, MO
$15,97559-72%4$4,74315 to 1
Neosho Beauty College
Neosho, MO
$11,35042-43%4$6,05310 to 1
Poplar Bluff Technical Career Center
Poplar Bluff, MO
$7,33419-87%11$6,6441 to 1
Salem College of Hairstyling
Rolla, MO
$10,50029-44%2$4,59215 to 1
American College of Hair Design Inc
Sedalia, MO
$12,75027-73%4$4,1297 to 1
Sikeston Career and Technology Center
Sikeston, MO
$8,50043--8$5,5704 to 1
Clinton Technical School
Clinton, MO
$10,45017-65%1$5,6162 to 1
Pike-Lincoln Technical Center
Eolia, MO
$12,75039-72%8$8,8593 to 1
Grabber School of Hair Design
St. Louis, MO
$17,250149-96%3$4,13315 to 1
Waynesville Career Center
Waynesville, MO
$13,75330-88%16$5,73415 to 1
Franklin Technology Center Adult Education
Joplin, MO
$13,513133-76%10$6,93711 to 1
Kirksville Area Technical Center
Kirksville, MO
$10,25040-75%6$7,6873 to 1
South Central Career Center
West Plains, MO
$13,61568-74%7$9,2887 to 1
Saline County Career Center
Marshall, MO
$12,87023-70%1$7,2118 to 1
Warrensburg Area Career Center
Warrensburg, MO
$13,80919-94%2$8,7355 to 1
Nevada Regional Technical Center
Nevada, MO
$12,57421--1$5,6477 to 1
Cass Career Center
Harrisonville, MO
$13,14529-75%1$8,74710 to 1
Applied Technology Services
Sunset Hills, MO
$17,600126-75%1$10,54113 to 1
Central College of Cosmetology
Saint Robert, MO
$10,50058-43%3$5,14619 to 1
St Louis Hair Academy
Saint Louis, MO
$9,3709-75%--9 to 1
New Dimensions School of Hair Design
Joplin, MO
$11,69429-57%3$3,67013 to 1
House of Heavilin Beauty College-Raymore
Raymore, MO
$18,92529-64%2$5,88725 to 1
Northland Career Center
Platte City, MO
$7,5002----10 to 1
Missouri College of Cosmetology North
Springfield, MO
$14,01555-66%5$5,0017 to 1
eClips School of Cosmetology and Barbering
Overland, MO
$9,50034-67%2$2,5268 to 1
Hair Academy 110
Kirksville, MO
$12,50011-71%--11 to 1
Academy of Hair Design-Springfield
Springfield, MO
$13,750260-60%4$6,34515 to 1
Healing Arts Center
St. Louis, MO
$12,750131--1$4,60224 to 1
Paul Mitchell the School-Springfield
Springfield, MO
$15,000223-60%3$4,45914 to 1
Transformed Barber and Cosmetology Academy
Kansas City, MO
$20,49542--6$5,8308 to 1
Skin Institute
Saint Louis, MO
$13,06546-97%1$3,58015 to 1
The Salon Professional Academy-St Charles
St. Charles, MO
$17,954128-86%2$3,17111 to 1
Paul Mitchell the School-St Louis
St. Louis, MO
$18,827188-74%2$4,53313 to 1
Evolve Beauty Academy
Washing, MO
$15,00036-50%1$4,83410 to 1
Seymour Beauty Academy
Seymour, MO
-16-72%--16 to 1
Donna's Academy of Hair Design
Smithville, MO
$11,65041-67%--12 to 1
Academy of Salon Professionals
Sedalia, MO
$14,07444-59%4$5,38815 to 1
Carthage R9 School District-Carthage Technical Center
Carthage, MO
$11,80026-100%1$6,5209 to 1
City Pointe Beauty Academy
Webb City, MO
$17,98793-79%5$5,7059 to 1
Midwest Technical Institute-Springfield
Springfield, MO
$13,600466-71%7$6,59719 to 1
Beyond The Basics School of Cosmetology
Marshfield, MO
$14,11019--4$3,6329 to 1
Academy of Cosmetology and Esthetics
Nevada, MO
$9,27428--4$3,4994 to 1
Ea La Mar's Cosmetology & Barber College
Kansas City, MO
$15,90025-83%4$5,61115 to 1
Lebanon College of Cosmetology
Lebanon, MO
$14,96515-25%3$6,36215 to 1
Trend Setters School
Cape Girardeau, MO
$12,50059-80%3$4,9278 to 1
Average$13,3903,641-70%-$5,61711 to 1