2023 Women's Colleges Overview

Women's colleges are undergraduate, bachelor's degree focused institutions whose student populations are composed almost exclusively of women. Some women's colleges allows to admit male students to their graduate schools or in smaller numbers to undergraduate programs, but all serve a primarily female student body (wiki).
33 women's colleges are active for academic year 2021-2022. Of them, Trinity Washington University ranked first in women's colleges ranking and Russell Sage College ranked second. 15 women's colleges ranked in top 500 U.S. colleges and universities including all types of 4 year-colleges. Below table lists all women's colleges sorted by ranking.
  • Total 33 women's colleges - 1 public and 32 private schools.
  • The average tuition & fees of women's colleges is $38,766. Barnard College has the highest tuition & fees of $62,525 and Columbia College has the lowest tuition & fees of $7,308.
  • The average SAT score of women's colleges is 1,223. Barnard College has the highest SAT score of 1,488 and Mount Mary University has the lowest SAT score of 995.
  • The average acceptance rate of women's colleges is 65%. Barnard College has the tightest (lowest) acceptance rate of 11% and Trinity Washington University has the highest acceptance rate of 97%.
  • The average student population at women's colleges is 2,120. University of Denver has the most students of 14,130 and Bennett College has the small number of students of 207.

Women's Colleges Comparison

RankCollege NameUndergraduate Tuition & FeesGraduate Tuition & FeesSAT ScoreAcceptance RatePopulationGraduation RateStudent to Faculty Ratio
-Trinity Washington University
Washington, DC
$25,610$15,120-97.3%1,86241%11 to 1
-Russell Sage College
Troy, NY
$35,351$13,140-73.1%2,26663%11 to 1
-Brenau University
Gainesville, GA
$32,685$14,4811,06589.1%2,55147%9 to 1
-Meredith College
Raleigh, NC
$42,540$13,5071,18669.9%1,71168%10 to 1
-Notre Dame of Maryland University
Baltimore, MD
$40,730$12,279-65.1%2,18459%7 to 1
-Hollins University
Roanoke, VA
$41,210$18,551-74.7%85559%9 to 1
-Alverno College
Milwaukee, WI
$31,858$10,594-90.8%1,82248%10 to 1
-Spelman College
Atlanta, GA
$28,885--50.8%2,41776%11 to 1
-Salem College
Winston-Salem, NC
$31,016$8,4001,12790.2%49667%15 to 1
-Bay Path University
Longmeadow, MA
$35,781$19,2351,11275.4%2,74551%12 to 1
-Converse University
Spartanburg, SC
$21,410$7,860-82.0%1,44057%15 to 1
-Sweet Briar College
Sweet Briar, VA
$23,590$11,4001,14080.0%45442%10 to 1
-Mount Mary University
Milwaukee, WI
$33,390$19,40899562.4%1,27351%10 to 1
1Barnard College
New York, NY
$62,525-1,48811.5%3,04393%10 to 1
2Wellesley College
Wellesley, MA
$61,920-1,47016.2%2,46192%8 to 1
3Scripps College
Claremont, CA
$60,712$48,5981,45029.5%1,11682%10 to 1
4Smith College
Northampton, MA
$58,768$58,4801,45029.9%2,92491%9 to 1
5University of Denver
Denver, CO
$56,439$55,5631,29563.6%14,13076%10 to 1
6College of Saint Mary
Omaha, NE
$22,450$21,103-38.2%1,01160%9 to 1
7Bryn Mawr College
Bryn Mawr, PA
$59,330$50,730-39.3%1,77887%9 to 1
8Mount Holyoke College
South Hadley, MA
$58,498$27,4181,40552.3%2,34285%10 to 1
9St Catherine University
Saint Paul, MN
$47,870$18,2101,05074.9%3,90459%9 to 1
10Mills College
Oakland, CA
$30,950$36,4431,39679.8%81764%8 to 1
11Wesleyan College
Macon, GA
$27,650$11,5731,12262.2%73456%9 to 1
12Saint Mary's College
Notre Dame, IN
$49,930$29,2311,16083.1%1,52774%9 to 1
13Agnes Scott College
Decatur, GA
$45,786$17,260-69.9%1,10975%12 to 1
14Stephens College
Columbia, MO
$25,586$9,4301,10063.7%59353%8 to 1
15Simmons University
Boston, MA
$44,350$27,3141,25083.5%5,98471%9 to 1
-Moore College of Art and Design
Philadelphia, PA
$47,990$46,313-58.1%38257%8 to 1
-Bennett College
Greensboro, NC
$18,550--79.2%20722%9 to 1
-Cedar Crest College
Allentown, PA
$43,643$14,8111,11568.8%1,44064%9 to 1
-Columbia College
Sonora, CA
$7,308--0.0%2,06338%16 to 1
-Cottey College
Nevada, MO
$24,960-1,07560.5%30367%7 to 1
Average$38,766$23,5721,22364.5%2,12063%10 to 1