Enrollment Comparison Chart

The below chart compares the student population between Birmingham-Southern College and similar colleges.

Enrollment by Gender/Attending Status

By gender, there are 515 male and 543 female students attending Birmingham-Southern. The male-to-female student ratio is 0.95 to 1 and the ratio is than national average (the national average is 0.75 to 1).
The following table and chart show the student population by gender and attending status at Birmingham-Southern.
Population by Gender/Attending Status at Birmingham-Southern

Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity

By race/ethnicity, there are 772 White students (79.18%) and 168 Black or African American students (17.23%) at Birmingham-Southern College(top 2 most races/ethnicities). The following table summarizes the population diversity by race at Birmingham-Southern College.
Population by Race/Ethnicity at Birmingham-Southern College
American Indian or Alaska Native431
Black or African American1688583
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander000
Two or More Races1046
Race/Ethnicity Unknown110
Total 1,058515543

Enrollment by Student Age

By age, there are 1,040 students whose age under twenty five and 9 students whose age is over thirty years old at Birmingham-Southern College.
Especially, 6 students are younger than eighteen and 1 students are older than sixty five.
The following table and chart show the student population by student age at Birmingham-Southern College.
Population by Student Age at Birmingham-Southern College
Total1,058 515543
Under 186 06
18-19405 201204
20-21524 235289
22-24105 7035
25-299 54
30-341 10
35-394 13
40-493 12
65 and over1 10
Total 1,058 515543