CUNY Brooklyn College

Public 4 Years (or High) school in Brooklyn, New York

#17 in Federal Region II

  • CUNY Brooklyn College is a public (4 years or high) college located in Brooklyn, New York. It has a total enrollment of 18,161 including undergraduate (14,978) and graduate students and student to faculty ratio is 16 to 1. It is a Degree-granting, primarily baccalaureate or above school by Carnegie Classification and its highest degree is Post-master's certificate. The acceptance rate at CUNY Brooklyn College is 44.26% last year (undergraduate school).

    The average salary after 10 years of graduation is $48,800 after graduating from CUNY Brooklyn College. The salary range by major programs is from $11,100 to $47,500 after graduating the school.

    CUNY Brooklyn College is accredited by Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

  • CUNY Brooklyn College Rankings

    #36 in New York
  • Open Admission Policy
    Acceptance Rate44.26 %
    Yield (Enrollment Rate)18.95 %
    Undergraduate Application Fees$65
    Graduate Application Fees$125

    The acceptance rate of CUNY Brooklyn College is 44.26% where total 20,936 students have applied and 9,267 were accepted to admit. The yield (also known as enrollment rate) is 18.95% where 1,756 students finally enrolled out of 9,267 accepted students

  • In-StateOut-of-State
    Undergraduate Tuition & Fees$7,440$15,390
    Graduate Tuition & Fees$11,522$20,952
    Off-Campus Living Costs$21,081

    The tuition & fees at CUNY Brooklyn College, for academic year 2019-2020 is $7,440 for in-state students and $15,390 for out-of-students.

    The living cost including room, board, and other expenses is $21,081 (living off campus).

    Cost of Attendance
  • NCAA Member

    Online Learning

    Study Abroad

    Career Counseling

    Employment Service

    Placement Service

    On-Campus Daycare


    CUNY Brooklyn College provides various learning opportunities and services for their students. It includes NCAA Member, Online Learning, Study Abroad, Career Counseling, Employment Service, Placement Service, On-Campus Daycare and more.

    Explore campus life and get your opportunities at CUNY Brooklyn College.

    Learning Opportunities & Services

The Numbers at CUNY Brooklyn College

Key Stats for CUNY Brooklyn College

Costs of Attendance average

CUNY Brooklyn College$15,390
All U.S. Colleges$15,474
Public, 4 Years or High Colleges$17,220
4 Years or High Colleges$19,284
Public, 4 Years or High Colleges in New York$15,568

Admission Chances difficult to get in


Acceptance Rate

  • All U.S. Colleges68.10%
  • Public, 4 Years or High Colleges70.41%
  • 4 Years or High Colleges67.14%
  • Public, 4 Years or High Colleges in New York54.14%

Financial Helps average


Financial Aid Rates

  • All U.S. Colleges67.44%
  • Public, 4 Years or High Colleges62.87%
  • 4 Years or High Colleges74.12%
  • Public, 4 Years or High Colleges in New York63.17%

Student Population small

CUNY Brooklyn College18,161
All U.S. Colleges20,490,526
Public, 4 Years or High Colleges8,966,241
4 Years or High Colleges14,167,576
Public, 4 Years or High Colleges in New York409,539

Graduation Rates average


Graduation Rate

  • All U.S. Colleges53.28%
  • Public, 4 Years or High Colleges45.08%
  • 4 Years or High Colleges48.69%
  • Public, 4 Years or High Colleges in New York54.88%

Major Programs very diverse majors


Major Programs

  • All U.S. Colleges70
  • Public, 4 Years or High Colleges203
  • 4 Years or High Colleges109
  • Public, 4 Years or High Colleges in New York175

Distance Learning limited online classes


Online Programs

  • All U.S. Colleges8
  • Public, 4 Years or High Colleges21
  • 4 Years or High Colleges15
  • Public, 4 Years or High Colleges in New York7
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