Institutional Accreditation

Dartmouth College is accredited by New England Commission of Higher Education.
It has 4 programmatic accredited programs and 1 accredited internship/residency programs. You can check each accredited program below.
Institutional Accreditation of Dartmouth College
Accrediting AgencyAccreditation StatusPeriods
New England Commission of Higher EducationAccredited12/1/1929 - Current

Programmatic Accreditation at Dartmouth College

Accreditor: Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc., Accreditation Commission

ProgramAccreditation StatusPeriods
(CPE) - Clinical pastoral education (CPE) centers offering CPE programsAccredited5/1/1988 - Current

Accreditor: Liaison Committee on Medical Education

ProgramAccreditation StatusPeriods
Medicine (MED) - Programs leading to the M.D. degreeAccredited7/1/1942 - Current

Accreditor: Council on Education for Public Health

ProgramAccreditation StatusPeriods
Public Health Programs (PHPG) - Graduate level program offered outside a school of public healthAccredited10/4/2003 - Current

Accreditor: National Association of Schools of Theatre, Commission on Accreditation

ProgramAccreditation StatusPeriods
Theatre (THEA) - Institutions and units within institutions offering degree-granting and/or non-degree-granting programsAccredited7/1/1970 - 11/8/2005
(Estimated Date)

Accredited Internship/Residency Programs at Dartmouth College

Accreditor: American Psychological Association, Commission on Accreditation

ProgramAccreditation StatusPeriods
Professional Psychology (IPSY) - Predoctoral internship programsAccredited4/1/1983 - Current