Lincoln Technical Institute-Whitestone

Private Less than 2 years school in Whitestone, New York

  • Lincoln Technical Institute-Whitestone is a private (for-profit) (less than 2 years) college located in Whitestone, New York. It has a total enrollment of 531 (all undergraduate) and student to faculty ratio is 20 to 1. It is a Nondegree-granting, sub-baccalaureate school by Carnegie Classification and its highest degree is At least 1, but less than 2 academic yrs.

    The average salary after 10 years of graduation is $38,200 after graduating from Lincoln Technical Institute-Whitestone.

    Lincoln Technical Institute-Whitestone is accredited by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

  • Lincoln Technical Institute-Whitestone Rankings

  • Open Admission Policy
    Graduate Application Fees-$1
    Lincoln Technical Institute-Whitestone has an open admission policy (any students can attend with high school diploma or a certificate of attendance or General Educational Development (GED) certificate). Contact the school to get more information.School Admission Page
  • Amounts
    Undergraduate Tuition & Fees$33,010
    Off-Campus Living Costs$15,665

    The tuition & fees at Lincoln Technical Institute-Whitestone, for academic year 2019-2020 is $33,010.

    The living cost including room, board, and other expenses is $15,665 (living off campus).

    Cost of Attendance
  • Remedial Service

    Career Counseling

    Employment Service

    Placement Service


    Lincoln Technical Institute-Whitestone provides various learning opportunities and services for their students. It includes Remedial Service, Career Counseling, Employment Service, Placement Service, Library and more.

    Explore campus life and get your opportunities at Lincoln Technical Institute-Whitestone.

    Learning Opportunities & Services

The Numbers at Lincoln Technical Institute-Whitestone

Key Stats for Lincoln Technical Institute-Whitestone

Costs of Attendance expensive

Lincoln Technical Institute-Whitestone$33,010
All U.S. Colleges$15,474
Private (for-profit), Less Than 2 Years Colleges$13,643
Less Than 2 Years Colleges$12,874
Private (for-profit), Less Than 2 Years Colleges in New York$13,000

Financial Helps high financial help rate


Financial Aid Rates

  • All U.S. Colleges67.44%
  • Private (for-profit), Less Than 2 Years Colleges64.77%
  • Less Than 2 Years Colleges63.88%
  • Private (for-profit), Less Than 2 Years Colleges in New York59.73%

Student Population small

Lincoln Technical Institute-Whitestone531
All U.S. Colleges20,490,526
Private (for-profit), Less Than 2 Years Colleges213,472
Less Than 2 Years Colleges277,208
Private (for-profit), Less Than 2 Years Colleges in New York13,413

Graduation Rates high completion rate


Graduation Rate

  • All U.S. Colleges53.28%
  • Private (for-profit), Less Than 2 Years Colleges69.26%
  • Less Than 2 Years Colleges70.10%
  • Private (for-profit), Less Than 2 Years Colleges in New York77.99%

Major Programs limited programs


Major Programs

  • All U.S. Colleges70
  • Private (for-profit), Less Than 2 Years Colleges6
  • Less Than 2 Years Colleges8
  • Private (for-profit), Less Than 2 Years Colleges in New York4

Lincoln Technical Institute-Whitestone's Mission

LTI is dedicated to educating and training students to achieve proficiency through a skills first curriculum. The mission of this institution is to offer the best educational and training programs to enable graduates to take to the marketplace the highest possible level of job knowledge and skills enabling them to accomplish worthwhile career goals and realize self-esteem.To accomplish these objectives, LTI upholds a high standard of quality service and commitment. LTI offers graduates viable career options by providing quality educational programs based on employer driven requirements. Our goal is to provide a skilled and knowledgeable faculty dedicated to the professional development of each student.Through these efforts, our students will achieve the knowledge and experience needed for their future working environment.At LTI, our goal is to remain in the forefront of emerging technology. This is accomplished by supporting continuing education and training for graduates, staff and faculty; thereby providing skilled professionals to meet the needs of the technologically changing world and fostering the desire for life-long learning.

Contact Information & Online Resources


Lincoln Technical Institute-Whitestone
15-30 Petracca Pl,
Whitestone, NY 11357
718) 640-9800


Lincoln Technical Institute-Whitestone is accredited by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (6/1/2006 - Current).
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