Western Athletic Conference (WAC) Members Overview

The Western Athletic Conference (WAC) is an American collegiate athletic conference affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I which was formed on July 27, 1962. The WAC covers a broad expanse of the western United States, with member institutions located in Arizona, California, Idaho, New Mexico, Utah, and Washington, along with the "non-western" states of Missouri, Illinois (traditionally associated with the Midwest), and Texas (traditionally associated with the South).
Western Athletic Conference (WAC) has 9 members - 6 public schools and 3 private schools.
The 2022 average tuition & fees over Western Athletic Conference (WAC) colleges is $16,060 for state residents and $24,583 for out-of-state students. The average acceptance rate is 73.50% and the average SAT score is 1,193.The average student population is 26,659 and the average student to faculty ratio is 18 to 1.
Below statements summarize the average statistics of tuition, admission, and more academic factors for Western Athletic Conference (WAC) colleges.

Western Athletic Conference (WAC) Members

Next table compare 9 members in Western Athletic Conference (WAC). The "-" value in table means that the corresponding data has not been reported or available.
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College NameUndergraduate Tuition & FeesGraduate Tuition & FeesSAT ScoreAcceptance RatePopulationGraduation RateStudent to Faculty Ratio
Grand Canyon University
Phoenix, AZ
Private, 4 years
$17,800$11,538-83.0%103,42747%21 to 1
California Baptist University
Riverside, CA
Private, 4 years
$37,018$14,320-64.0%11,31762%19 to 1
California State University-Bakersfield
Bakersfield, CA
Public, 4 years
$19,459$18,517-85.0%11,74546%23 to 1
Chicago State University
Chicago, IL
Public, 4 years
$11,204$15,218-47.0%2,64416%9 to 1
University of Missouri-Kansas City
Kansas City, MO
Public, 4 years
$26,235$27,8031,32576.0%16,14754%16 to 1
New Mexico State University-Main Campus
Las Cruces, NM
Public, 4 years
$23,767$18,2751,03057.0%14,22751%16 to 1
The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Edinburg, TX
Public, 4 years
$19,333$15,677-94.0%32,44147%21 to 1
Utah Valley University
Orem, UT
Public, 4 years
$17,092$22,005--40,93632%24 to 1
Seattle University
Seattle, WA
Private, 4 years
$49,335$14,3101,22582.0%7,05073%10 to 1
Average$24,583$17,5181,19373.5%26,65948%18 to 1