2022 Graduation Rate

The graduation rate at Alaska Pacific University is 55.56% last year which is extremely higher (most students completed in-time) compared to Private (not-for-profit), 4-Years Colleges in Alaska. 10 students have completed their degree/certificate programs among 18 candidates.
The transfer-out rate is 33.33% that is extremely higher (many students transferred-out) compared to Private (not-for-profit), 4-Years Colleges in Alaska. The retention rate (full-time students) is 56% that is lower (many students stopped or transferred-out) compared to Private (not-for-profit), 4-Years Colleges in Alaska.

Graduation Rate and Comparison Chart

Number of Completers and Graduation Rate

The next table summarizes the outcome measures with the number of students at Alaska Pacific University. 10 students have completed and 6 students have transferred out to other institutes.
Graduation Rate with number of completers
TotalBachelor's or Equivalent
Total (Candidates)1818
No Longer Enrolled2

Graduation Rate by Completion Time (Bachelor's Degree)

The below table shows the number of completers with graduation rate by completion time. The number in parenthesis denote the graduation rate for the corresponding students. The numbers and rate for the 125% and 150% normal times are not cumulative, but additional completers and graduate rate for that period. For example, 9 students have completed in 4 years and additional 1 students have completed in the 5th year.
Graduation Rate by Completion Time (4-years Bachelor's degree)
100% normal time (in 4 Years)9
125% normal time (in 5 Years)1
150% normal time (in 6 Years)10

Graduation Rate by Race/Ethnicity

Graduation Rate by Race/Ethnicity
Total55.56% (10/18) 60.00% (3/5) 53.85% (7/13)
White66.67% (6/9) 66.67% (2/3) 66.67% (4/6)
Two or More Race100.00% (2/2) - (0/0) 100.00% (2/2)
Unknown66.67% (2/3) 100.00% (1/1) 50.00% (1/2)

Number of Completers by Race/Ethnicity