2021 Student Population

A total of 52 students have enrolled at Arizona Academy of Beauty-East (all undergraduate).
By gender, 3 male and 49 female students are attending the school. all students at Arizona Academy of Beauty-East are full-time students.
The number of students at Arizona Academy of Beauty-East is very small compared to Private (for-profit), Less Than 2-Years Colleges in Arizona. Compared to similar schools in rankings such as Empire Beauty School-Tucson and American Institute of Trucking, its population is very small (average population is 147).

Enrollment Chart

Enrollment by Gender/Attending Status

By gender, there are 3 male and 49 female students attending the school. The male-to-female ratio is 0.06 to 1 and the ratio is very lower (more women students at the school) (the average male-to-female ratio over all U.S. colleges is 0.75 to 1).
The following table and chart show the student population by gender and attending status.

Gender Distribution Table

Population by Gender/Attending Status at

Gedner Distribution Chart

Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity

By race/ethnicity, there are 23 Hispanic students (44.23%) and 18 White students (34.62%) at Arizona Academy of Beauty-East(top 2 most races/ethnicities). The following table summarizes the population diversity by race at Arizona Academy of Beauty-East.

Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity Table

Population by Race/Ethnicity at Arizona Academy of Beauty-East
American Indian or Alaska Native110
Black or African American404
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander000
Two or More Races505
Race/Ethnicity Unknown000
Total 52349

Race/Ethnicity Distribution Chart