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2020 Tuition & fees of Largest Programs

The largest programs at Citrus Heights Beauty College is Cosmetology/Cosmetologist and its 2020 tuition and fees are $15,100. The length of the program is 1600 contact hours ( or credit hours) and, in average, it requires 12 months to complete the program.
The tuition & fees are average compared to all colleges offering the Cosmetology/Cosmetologist (the average cost is $15,110).
The following table shows the 2020 tuition & fees of the largest programs at Citrus Heights Beauty College with program length and completion time.

Largest Programs Information

2020 Tuition & Fees of Largest Programs at Citrus Heights Beauty College
ProgramTuition & FeesBooks & Supplies CostsProgram LengthAverage Completion TimeNational Average (in Vocational schools)
1Cosmetology/Cosmetologist $15,100$2,7941600 Contact Hours12 Months $15,110
2Aesthetician/Esthetician and Skin Care Specialist $8,314$1,766600 Contact Hours4 Months $8,734
3Nail Technician/Specialist and Manicurist $1,806$1,254400 Contact Hours3 Months $4,324

Tuition & Fees Trends Chart

2020 Living Costs

The 2020 average living costs is $26,316 including room & board and other living expenses.
The living cost at Citrus Heights Beauty Collegestays same as last year.
Net table and chart show the 2020 living costs and the tuition trends over last 5 years at Citrus Heights Beauty College.

Living Costs Trends

Citrus Heights Beauty College 2020 Living Costs(Off-Campus Living)
YearRoom & BoardOther Expenses

Living Costs Trends Chart