2022 Student Population

A total of 2,191 students have enrolled at Fuller Theological Seminary (all graduate).
By gender, 1,151 male and 1,040 female students are attending the school. By attendance status, there are 505 full-time students and 1,686 part-time students.
The number of students at Fuller Theological Seminary is average compared to Private (not-for-profit), 4-Years Colleges in California. Compared to similar schools in rankings such as Berkeley School of Theology and California Christian College, its population is very large (average population is 79).
Fuller Theological Seminary offers online degree/certificate programs and 1,345 students enrolled in online programs.

Enrollment Chart

Enrollment by Gender/Attending Status

By gender, there are 1,151 male and 1,040 female students attending the school. The male-to-female ratio is 1.11 to 1 and the ratio is extremely higher (less women students at the school) (the average male-to-female ratio over all U.S. colleges is 0.75 to 1).
The following table and chart show the student population by gender and attending status.

Gender Distribution Table

Population by Gender/Attending Status at

Gedner Distribution Chart

Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity

By race/ethnicity, there are 957 White students (43.68%) and 436 Asian students (19.90%) at Fuller Theological Seminary(top 2 most races/ethnicities). The following table summarizes the population diversity by race at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity Table

Population by Race/Ethnicity at Fuller Theological Seminary
American Indian or Alaska Native523
Black or African American225120105
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander743
Two or More Races1487870
Race/Ethnicity Unknown985444
Total 2,1911,1511,040

Race/Ethnicity Distribution Chart

Enrollment by Student Age

By age, there are 139 students whose age under twenty five and 1,674 students whose age is over thirty years old at Fuller Theological Seminary.
Especially, 46 students are older than sixty five.
The following table and chart show the student population by student age at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Enrollment by Student Age Table

Population by Student Age at Fuller Theological Seminary
Total2,191 1,1511,040
20-215 14
22-24134 5480
25-29378 179199
30-34345 177168
35-39342 182160
40-49555 309246
50-64386 226160
65 and over46 2323
Total 2,191 1,1511,040

Student Age Distribution Chart

Online Student Population

At Fuller Theological Seminary, 1,673 students (76.36% of total enrollment) take online classes to get their degrees. Among them, 1,345 students enrolled exclusively in online classes (i.e. no off-line attendance required) and others are taking online courses with off-line courses. The following tables describe the number of students who enrolled in one or more online courses.
By location of enrolled students, 338 students live in California where Fuller Theological Seminary is located in and 741 students have enrolled from other states.

Online Enrollment Table

Enrollment TypeStudent Location
Online Student Population
Number of Students
Enrolled Exclusively in Online Classes1,345
Enrolled Some in Online Classes328
Not Enrolled in Online Classes518
Online Student Population by Student Location
Number of Students
Total (Enrolled Excl.)1,345
California Residents338
Other State in U.S.741
Outside of U.S.266

Online Enrollment Chart