2021 Student Population

A total of 826 students have enrolled at Menlo College (all undergraduate).
By gender, 443 male and 383 female students are attending the school. By attendance status, there are 813 full-time students and 13 part-time students.
The number of students at Menlo College is very small compared to Private (not-for-profit), 4-Years Colleges in California. Compared to similar schools in rankings such as FIDM-Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising-San Francisco and Lincoln University, its population is very large (average population is 171).
Menlo College is an online exclusive school (all degree/program offered only via distance learning) and, therefore, all students have enrolled in online programs.

Enrollment Chart

Enrollment by Gender/Attending Status

By gender, there are 443 male and 383 female students attending the school. The male-to-female ratio is 1.16 to 1 and the ratio is extremely higher (less women students at the school) (the average male-to-female ratio over all U.S. colleges is 0.75 to 1).
The following table and chart show the student population by gender and attending status.

Gender Distribution Table

Population by Gender/Attending Status at

Gedner Distribution Chart

Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity

By race/ethnicity, there are 236 Hispanic students (28.57%) and 173 White students (20.94%) at Menlo College(top 2 most races/ethnicities). The following table summarizes the population diversity by race at Menlo College.

Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity Table

Population by Race/Ethnicity at Menlo College
American Indian or Alaska Native541
Black or African American482424
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander291613
Two or More Races623329
Race/Ethnicity Unknown331716
Total 826443383

Race/Ethnicity Distribution Chart

Enrollment by Student Age

By age, there are 761 students whose age under twenty five and 19 students whose age is over thirty years old at Menlo College.
Especially, 15 students are younger than eighteen.
The following table and chart show the student population by student age at Menlo College.

Enrollment by Student Age Table

Population by Student Age at Menlo College
Total826 443383
Under 1815 87
18-19281 133148
20-21313 167146
22-24152 10547
25-2945 2223
30-348 44
35-395 14
40-494 13
50-642 11
unknown1 10
Total 826 443383

Student Age Distribution Chart

Online Student Population

Menlo College is an online school that all degree/certificate programs are offered via only distance learning and all 826 students enrolled throught online

Online Enrollment Table

Enrollment TypeStudent Location
Online Student Population
Number of Students
Enrolled Exclusively in Online Classes826
Enrolled Some in Online Classes0
Not Enrolled in Online Classes0
Online Student Population by Student Location
Number of Students
Total (Enrolled Excl.)826
California Residents557
Other State in U.S.138
Outside of U.S.0

Online Enrollment Chart