Enrollment Comparison Chart

The below chart compares the student population between Summit Christian College and similar colleges.

Enrollment by Gender/Attending Status

By gender, there are 17 male and 9 female students attending Summit Christian. The male-to-female student ratio is 1.89 to 1 and the ratio is than national average (the national average is 0.75 to 1).
The following table and chart show the student population by gender and attending status at Summit Christian.
Population by Gender/Attending Status at Summit Christian

Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity

By race/ethnicity, there are 20 White students (76.92%) and 3 Hispanic students (11.54%) at Summit Christian College(top 2 most races/ethnicities). The following table summarizes the population diversity by race at Summit Christian College.
Population by Race/Ethnicity at Summit Christian College
American Indian or Alaska Native000
Black or African American000
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander000
Two or More Races312
Race/Ethnicity Unknown000
Total 26179

Enrollment by Student Age

By age, there are 18 students whose age under twenty five and 4 students whose age is over thirty years old at Summit Christian College.
The following table and chart show the student population by student age at Summit Christian College.
Population by Student Age at Summit Christian College
Total26 179
18-195 41
20-218 53
22-245 32
25-292 11
30-341 10
40-491 10
50-642 20
unknown2 02
Total 26 179

Online Student Population

At Summit Christian College, 6 students (23.08% of total enrollment) take online classes to get their degrees. Among them, 6 students enrolled exclusively in online classes (i.e. no off-line attendance required) and others are taking online courses with off-line courses. The following tables describe the number of students who enrolled in one or more online courses.
By location of enrolled students, 1 students live in Nebraska where Summit Christian College is located in and 5 students have enrolled from other states.
Enrollment TypeStudent Location
Online Student Population
Number of Students
Enrolled Exclusively in Online Classes6
Enrolled Some in Online Classes0
Not Enrolled in Online Classes20
Online Student Population by Student Location
Number of Students
Total (Enrolled Excl.)6
Nebraska Residents1
Other State in U.S.5
Outside of U.S.0