2022 Average Tuition for Science Technologies/Technicians Career Programs

Total 1 trade schools offer the Science Technologies/Technicians programs and its sub programs. We exclude 4-year colleges, but include some community colleges offering the Science Technologies/Technicians program. The 2022 average Science Technologies/Technicians tuition & fees is $9,502. The average contact hour for the programs is 790 hours and the average completion time is 10.50 months when a student learns the program as a full-time.
2022 Science Technologies/Technicians Career Programs
Tuition & Fees$9,502
Books & Supplies Cost$1,287
Length of Program790.0 Contact Hours
Completion Time10.50 Months
(42.00 Weeks)

Sub Major Programs and Concentrated area of Science Technologies/Technicians

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A program that prepares individuals to apply scientific principles and technical skills in support of biologists and biotechnologists in research, industrial, and government settings. Includes instruction in fermentation technology, cell culturing, protein purification, biologic synthesis, assaying and testing, quality control, industrial microbiology, bioprocessing, chromatography and bioseparation, genetic technology, laboratory and hazardous materials safety, and computer applications
2022 Average Tuition: $21,214

Average Income after Completing Science Technologies/Technicians Program

The annual average wage after completing Science Technologies/Technicians is $62,644 and hourly $30.12. This statistics is based on the employment and wage data (May 2019) from Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Next table shows the possible occupation and job list with average income having Science Technologies/Technicians degree/certificate.
Average Income after completing Science Technologies/Technicians Program
Occupation/Job TitleHourly WageAnnul Wage
Nuclear Power Reactor Operators$48.55$100,990
Nuclear Technicians$39.77$82,710
Chemical Plant and System Operators$30.15$62,710
Industrial Engineering Technologists and Technicians$28.56$59,400
Life, Physical, and Social Science Technicians, All Other$25.8$53,670
Chemical Technicians$25.44$52,910
Chemical Equipment Operators and Tenders$24.78$51,540
Environmental Science and Protection Technicians, Including Health$24.41$50,760
Biological Technicians$23.61$49,110

Career Colleges Offering Science Technologies/Technicians Vocational Program

Wayne, NJ
$16,525 Tuition & Fees521 Students$4,473 Financial Aid7 Programs27 to 1 Students to Faculty Ratio