2023 Medical College of Wisconsin Tuition & Fees

The 2023 tuition at Medical College of Wisconsin is $62,335. Medical College of Wisconsin's tuition is 0.90% lower than average tuition of U.S. medical schools and similar to the average tuition of Wisconsin medical schools.
The medical school tuition differs and more expensive than the regular undergraduate and graduate programs.
The average living costs including room & board and transportation costs is $16,400 and the personal miscellaneous expenses is $4,000.
Medical College of Wisconsin 2023 Tuition & Fees
Medical College of Wisconsin Tuition & Fees$62,335
U.S. Private Medical School Average$62,900
Wisconsin Private Medical School Average$62,335
Living Costs$16,400
Miscellaneous expenses$4,000
Books & Supplies$550
Graduate Program$30,150

4-Yeras MD Program Total Costs

The tuition for MD program varies by medical years depending on mandatory fees and required course works. The estimated COA (cost of attendance) for the standard four(4) years MD program at Medical College of Wisconsin is $338,540 based on the current tuition rate. The COA includes the costs for tuition & fees, room & board, transportation, books & supplies, and other personal miscellaneous expenses. The next table summarizes medical school costs for four(4) years by year and cost item.
Medical College of Wisconsin Year by Year Cost of Attendance
Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 44 Years Estimation
Tuition & Fees$62,335$62,966$60,862$60,217$246,380
Room & Board / transportation$16,400$18,040$20,400$18,700$73,540
Books & Supplies$550$240$120$110$1,020
Miscellaneous Expenses$4,000$4,400$4,800$4,400$17,600

MCAT & GPA Scores

The average MCAT score of enrolled students at Medical College of Wisconsin is 510. Compared to the average MCAT of all medical schools, the MCAT score of Medical College of Wisconsin is around average of U.S. medical schools (the average score is 512).
The average GPA is 3.78 and it is around average compared to other medical schools (the average GPA is 3.73).
Medical College of Wisconsin 2022 MCAT and GPA
MCAT - Medical College of Wisconsin510
U.S. Medical Schools512
Wisconsin Medical Schools512
GPA - Medical College of Wisconsin3.78
U.S. Medical Schools3.73
Wisconsin Medical Schools3.78

Acceptance Rate & Yield

The 2022 acceptance rate at Medical College of Wisconsin is 2.38% where 11,145 applicants have applied to and 265 students have accepted and finally enrolled to school. The acceptance rate at Medical College of Wisconsin is lower (difficult to get in) compared to other medical schools in united states (the average acceptance rate is 3.52%). Note that the acceptance rate means the percentage of applicants who are accepted and enrolled (not just accepted).
Medical College of Wisconsin 2022 Acceptance Rate and Yield
WisconsinOther StateMenWomen
Applicants11,145 825
Enrolled265 145
Acceptance Rate2.38% 17.58% 1.16% 2.12% 2.62%
U.S. Medical Schools3.52% 10.29% 1.04% 3.48% 3.56%
Wisconsin Medical Schools2.52% 16.64% 1.02% 2.17% 2.85%

New Students and Total Enrollment

For the academic year 2021-2022, total 265 first-time students have enrolled in Medical College of Wisconsin.By residency, 54.7% of new students is Wisconsin residents and 45.3% of enrolled students from other States. By gender, 58.1% of enrolled students is women and 41.9% is men students.
A total of 1,049 students have enrolled to Medical College of Wisconsin. By gender, there are 468 male and 581 female students at Medical College of Wisconsin.
2021 Student Population at Medical College of Wisconsin
Total Enrollment1,049
Men Students468
Women Students581
First-time Students265