Law School Tuition & Fees

The 2022 law school tuition at Loyola Law School - Loyola Marymount University is $60,860. The law school tuition stays same as last year. The 2022 undergraduate tuition & fees is $53,051. The graduate school tuition & fees other than law school is $19,922.
Loyola Law School 2022 Tuition & Fees
Law School Tuition & Fees$59,340$60,860$60,860
Undergraduate Program$50,283$52,577$53,051
Graduate Program$18,903$19,756$19,922
On-campus Living Costs$17,792$17,201$18,285
Off-campus Living Costs$20,358$21,222$22,014

2022 LSAT & GPA Scores

The 2022 average LSAT score for Loyola Law School is 161. Compared to the average LSAT of all law schools, Loyola Law School's LSAT score is average (the average is 158).
The average GPA is 3.64, which is the relatively higher (competitive score) of other law schools (average is 3.54).
Loyola Law School 2022 LSAT and GPA
75th Percentile162162163
50th Percentile160160161
25th Percentile157157158
75th Percentile3.723.733.78
50th Percentile3.583.573.64
25th Percentile3.373.33.43

2022 Acceptance Rate & Yield

The 2022 acceptance rate at Loyola Law School is 29.4% where 4,145 applicants have applied to and 1,217 students have accepted to admit. The acceptance rate at Loyola Law School is lower (difficult to get in) compared to other law schools in united states (the average acceptance rate is 40.1%).
The Yield, also known as enrollment rate, is 28.4% where 346 students finally enrolled out of 1,217 admitted students. The yield Loyola Law School is average compared to other law schools (the average yield is 40.1%).
Loyola Law School 2022 Acceptance Rate and Yield
Acceptance Rate36.3%33.0%29.4%

2022 Law School Enrollment

For academic year 2021-2022, total 1,162 law school students have enrolled to Loyola Law School. 1,057 students have enrolled in JD (Juris Doctor degree) program and 105 students enrolled in Non-JD program.
350 first-time students have enrolled in Loyola Law School. By gender, 122 male , 227 female, and 1 other/unknown gender first-time students newly enrolled in Loyola Law School. With 4 pre-admitted students, there are 350 first-time law school Students at Loyola Law School.
Total EnrollmentFirst-time Students
2022 Student Population at Loyola Law School
Total Enrollment1,1241,1131,162
JD Enrollment1,0211,0271,057
Non-JD Enrollment10386105
Non-JD Enrollment (Online)-9-
2022 First-year Student Population Loyola Law School
TotalFull timePart timeTotalFull timePart time
Total32728045 35030445
Men14112125 13710715
Women17915920 22719730
Other211 110

Bar Exam Pass Rate

For the first time bar exam takers at Loyola Law School, the bar exam pass rate is 88.16% - 321 students have taken and 283 students have passed the exam. The pass rate is higher than California average bar exam pass rate (0%).
2022 Bar Exam Pass Rate at Loyola Law School
Number of Graduates276320324
First-Time Bar Exam Takers Total272310321
New Graduates245287293
Prior Year Graduates272328
Early Exam Takers000
No Exam Takers313331
Exam Passer195241283
Exam Pass Rate71.69%77.74%88.16%
California Pass Rate60.34%69.2%0%